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RosePortal Games
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Fourth quarter 2015



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An adventure, an RPG, a platformer, an interactive story — the story of a little girl whose family has gone missing at a ship breaking yard. Based on real events, Unraveled takes you through a child’s imagination as she seeks out her parents. Relive your childhood fantasies on a journey that will make you think, laugh and tear up (just a little bit).

So much to unravel.
Unraveled is a dialogue-free game (save for one or two sentences) that is purely "show, don’t tell". We’re telling the story of a little girl’s life by showing the way it affects her imagination. As you travel through the ship breaking yard the ghastly rotten environment transforms into various fantastical settings. Accompanied by flashbacks and exciting events, Unraveled subtly gives you all the pieces of a story.
There are also plenty of fearsome foes to fight off in thrilling battles, puzzles to solve, items to collect, and there’s even an 80s doll house that you can decorate for bonuses! The battle system features a completely unique "State Balance" system that is strategic, simple and fun at the same time!

Based on real events?
That is correct! Ship breaking yards and those who live around them are hardly ever covered by media and news. These families have to cope with horrible living conditions while facing the daily threat of their extinction. Though indeed supplying the civilians with work, the safety regulations are next to nonexistent and the pay is incredibly low. We wanted to cover this obscure aspect of our world and came up with the game that is Unraveled!


  • Experience a deep and touching story in "show, don’t tell"-style that will tug at your heartstrings as you learn of a little girl’s melancholic past and her hopes for a better future.
  • Immerse yourself in a moving musical score hand-crafted by Japanese RPG veteran composers Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North.
  • Adventure through a wondrous, intricately detailed world that is filled with beautiful imaginary, dastardly platforming and enchanting events.
  • Engage in slick, strategic combat with your monstrously fluffy companion in a completely unique State Balance battle system that is fun and deep, yet easy to understand.
  • Relive your childhood fantasies as you travel through a little girl’s imagination, full of giant sand castles, dragons, magical items, 80s themed characters and classic puzzles.
  • Discover a bit about our world as the story of Unraveled is based on real events at a ship breaking yard — inspired by the documentary The Wire Nest!

  • History

    In May 2014, Chancler Harrison brought the subject of ship breaking to our attention. Initially we were grasped by the bittersweet concept of it. These giant metal ships that once held so many memories are taken to these dirty, gritty shores to be deconstructed by workers under terrible circumstances. This mature subject with an underlying message ties into our overall theme as a game company.

    After watching documentaries on the subject, doing thorough research and contacting several ship breaking aid campaigns, we realized that there is a huge lack of public awareness about this aspect of our world. This is mostly because the yard owners carefully keep the doors of their ship graveyards closed to media and NGOs. We decided to go for it and start production for Unraveled, not only to create an amazing game, but also to increase awareness and to share the subject in hopes of bringing about a change.

    Ship breaking can be done better. Better for the environment, better for people living near the ship yard and better for the workers. We’re hoping our game brings this to the attention of the masses. You can personally help us and our world, by spreading word of Unraveled!


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    About RosePortal Games

    RosePortal Games is a small indie company that specializes in creating fun and imaginative Role Playing Games and adventure games for children and adults alike. Our first game — Whisper of a Rose — was released in 2009. Before that, the founder, Aaron van der Brugge, had been creating board and video games since 2003.

    We love to dream at RosePortal Games. We believe that games are not just a means of great enjoyment, but should also carry a message and have artistic merit. By combining the fantastical element of dreams with our work, we produce fresh and imaginative games.

    We stay true to the classic elements of RPGs (vast lands to explore, exciting gameplay and puzzling quests) while adding a certain magic touch that makes the games so unique. We also take great pride in our graphics, touching storylines and innovative designs. We hope that you will enjoy the games!


    Aaron van der Brugge
    Lead Developer, Lead Artist

    Chancler Harrison

    Bailey Gautier

    Tarissa Tavelier





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