An adventure RPG, driven by the story of a little girl whose family has gone missing at a ship breaking yard. Based on real events, Unraveled takes you through a child’s imagination as she seeks out her parents. Relive your childhood fantasies on a journey that will make you think, laugh and tear up (just a little bit).

Unraveled is heavily story-driven and features slick gameplay with a charming retro look reminiscent of the PSX days. Combat is infrequent, smooth and strategic — each battle feels unique and interesting.

to the PSX

With Unraveled we want to capture the essence of nostalgia. Aside from the sentimental and relatable story, the game’s overall aesthetics are a throwback to the days of the JRPGs on SNES and PSX. The main character’s companion is based on My Pet Monster — a plush doll first produced in 1986. There is an 80s “Fisher Price”-themed doll house that you can decorate for combat bonuses. It is filled with subtle references to famous animated movies from the 80s, such as The Brave Little Toaster.

The exploration in Unraveled is inspired by JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and the adventureous feeling of a 2D Tomb Raider game. You will run, jump and climb through various imaginative environments: a giant sand castle maze, a beautiful forest with oversized flowers, an Indian Rapunzel-inspired tower and many more.

of Unraveled

Unraveled is a dialogue-free game (save for one or two sentences) that is purely “show, don’t tell”. We’re telling the story of a little girl’s life by showing the way it affects her imagination. As you travel through the ship breaking yard in search of her parents, the ghastly rotten environment transforms into various fantastical settings. Accompanied by flashbacks and exciting events, Unraveled subtly gives you all the pieces of a story.

The story is based on real events — inspired by the documentary The Wire Nest. Ship breaking yards and those who live around them are hardly ever covered by media and news. These families have to cope with horrible living conditions while facing the daily threat of their extinction. We wanted to cover this obscure aspect of our world!

GameInfo01 COMBAT
like never seen before

Our goal for the combat in Unraveled was to create a strategic experience that is easy to get the hang of and fun to play around with. Combat is infrequent and we want each enemy to feel unique — like a boss.

Each character has their own State Balance scale. The State Balance and skills are divided into Calm (blue) and Anger (red). Using a Calm skill lowers the scale and using an Anger skill raises it. When your State Balance is far on one side you are able to use stronger skills, but it leaves you vulnerable to the opposite type.

This innovative battle system allows you to plan your actions ahead of time. Combined with smooth particle effects and imaginative enemy designs, it truly makes the combat in Unraveled a unique experience!

from the heart

Art is a very important aspect of Unraveled. Because we chose not to include dialogue, every scene and every emotion is shown purely through our beautiful hand-crafted sprites. The style we’re using is not exactly pixel art — it is softer and more flexible. This allows us to shift between various visual styles for the different environments in the game.

On the little girl’s journey, her plush doll comes to life as a monstrously cute creature that aids her on her quest! However, as she traverses through the ship, the rotting environment takes its toll on the doll and he slowly starts unraveling… Can she find her parents before he has fallen apart completely?