We have got some music to share with you! Dale North has been very busy putting together the soundtrack for Unraveled and we’re in LOOOOVE with what we’ve heard so far! It’s such a diverse soundtrack and Dale is giving it the attention it deserves! Please keep in mind that these are not finished tracks. They will somehow become even better! We really do love what Dale is doing!

This is the Ship’s theme you’ll here throughout the girl’s adventure. It helps put the player in India and also has a bit of mystery to it. Really sets the mood! We love this track!

Next up is an emotional song that will be used in the starry cave where the girl has a flashback of being with her father and brother. Because this is such an amazing song, we have no choice but to make this area of the game a bit longer. It gave us the feels. AARON CRIED.

We can’t have all emotional songs now can we? Here we have a fun and upbeat song that will be used for when the girl is exploring the beach area outside of the ship. Kids and myself get distracted easily. When at the beach I just have to build a sand castle! This song hit us with so much inspiration and positive feelings!

Family is of course one of the main themes and the driving force behind Unraveled’s story, so we needed a really strong track to show that. Dale has delivered once again!

If you listen to all of the songs you’ll hear a common theme. ^_~ We’ll be sharing Hiroki Kikuta’s completed theme song with you very soon! Check out and Like Dale North’s facebook page! He might share something about Unraveled!