Day 19: Read this hilarious playthrough of Unraveled with pictures by Maike! (Part 1)

*Spoiler Alert*

The follow is a playthrough written by Maike, an amazing artist with whom Aaron (co-producer of Unraveled) is currently collaborating. Check out her website to view all her current projects! (Warning: You may be scared and/or inspired!)

Hello, there, ladies and gentlemen and variations thereof!

Sooo, you probably don´t know this, but a few months back I did a written Let´s Play of a small game named Sweet Lily Dreams.


Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\screen196.png
Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\screen260.png
Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\screen261.png


I had fun 😀

Unfortunately I didn´t finish it due to reasons, and kind of forgot about it. HOWEVER:

Some time ago I got 1-4 messages going something like

“Hey, I´m the publisher from Sweet Lily Dreams”


“And I found your Let´s Play!”

*more sweating*

“It´s hilarious!”


So apparently he liked it that snark-fest of a Let´s Play and even wants me to do one for this very demo!

*cracks knuckles*

Okili dokily!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\001.jpg

Let´s Play “Unraveled – Tale of the Shipbreakers Daughter”!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\002.jpg

So the Game begins with a sad little girl on a street with a dude approaching her and telling her to stop crying and to go find her parents. So far what I really like – as with Sweet Lily Dreams also – is the art and sound design: We barely have any music, the city is rusty, you can hear the rain and the people… it´s quite immersive. Also the dude speaks his own language even though the subtitles are English, which is a nice touch.

… he leaves and she follows (?) him, becoming another blur on the street next to all the other blurs. Quite somber, so far.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\003.jpg

Oh yeah: I´m going into this blind on purpose, but I´ve seen artwork of a big fluffy monster.

I am looking forward to that :3 (Also: Damn that´s pretty)

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\005.jpg

The little girl passes a construction site and goes into a big ship. A small green arrow appears and I am now in control.

Hmmm…. *urge to rebel against the green little arrow rising*LET´S GO OUTSIDE!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\006.jpg

At least the environment is child-safe: You physically can´t jump down that hole on the left. Except for all that tetanus, of course. And the steel saws. And the… you know what, nevermind.

Maybe the girl just has the common sense not to jump into a bottomless pit just cause I tell her to… She might not speak, but maybe inside she´s like “It´s been two minutes and you´re already trying to get me killed. The hell, man?”

Anyways! We follow that green arrow and soon…

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\008.jpg

… there´s a dude and she hides away from him. Yep, makes sense. He´d probably throw us out. We continue onwards.

I really like that level design, by the way. It´s a bit Silent-Hill-y, with all the rust and the mechanical noises and whatnot. Now that I think about it: Looking back to Sweet Lily Dreams, which started out with a pink dream city, unicorns and stuff and then later on featured several instances of MURDER… I fear for you, little girl.

I fear for you.

We sneakily sneak past a few more people, past a steel door and…

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\009.jpg




Our Protagonist uses the moment where everyone is distracted by the work accident to sneak past here as well. I should mention that she does the sneaking by herself in a cutscene. If I were in control, i´d do the unreasonable thing and try to speak to every goddamn person (and non-person) on the ship.

Speaking of which, let´s see if we can go back 😀

Nope! Brunhilda backs away. Well, I can´t blame her, she really has more common sense than me.

Oh yeah, I named her Brunhilda. Brunhilda the Brave, to be precise. It might not be from her native culture, but this is my way to give her strength. She´ll need it.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\011.jpg

We go through another door and see a little boy who points somewhere and seems to have seen us. HM.

Seems like we gotta get rid of a witness.

We can jump up those ledges with “Space”. And yyyyoooOOOOOO, Brunhilda just jumped up those platforms from standing without warm-up. Hot diggity! I chose that name well!

We come to a bigger hall and there to a really tall ledge. She throws down her plushy…

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\012.jpg

… and then she jumps down herself. The name is getting more appropriate by the minute. Afterwards she cuddles her plushy. B´aaawwww. :3

We jump off a few more ledges and…

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\013.jpg



“Exclamation-Mark” indeed, little girl! I could not have put it better!

She runs away, falls to her knees, puts the plushy in front of her and starts crying. She is soon chased away by the monsters and flees into the next room.

Awww… :c

We see the scene from the worker´s perspective, too, which shows that they´re just confused why she ran away.

… okay, does that mean that I can look forward to Brunhilda clobbering people to death with her plushy because they look like monsters to her…?

In any case, in the next room, we can now go two ways, left and right.


I´ll just go left. [locked]

… Okay, I can´t actually go left.

Guess I´ll go right then. [locked]

… can´t go right either.

*squints* … i´ll go back…? [Brunhilda backs away]

MH. The case is pretty clear to me:

I am too stupid to open doors.

Oh wait, my bad, there´s a third door up there. Silly me. Ehem, let me correct.

I am too stupid to SEE doors.

Luckily the green arrows are back to help me.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\015.jpg

And then we lose our marbles.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\016.jpg

Literally. A marble falls from our pocket and becomes this HUGE FLOATING SPHERE. I kind of wanna go there and check it out, but the game makes me leave the plushy behind if I do and I am VERY AGAINST THAT.

Guess I have no other choice though. *slowly inches away from plushy* *reluctantly touches sphere* *BECOMES ONE WITH THE SPHERE* *ABSORBS THE SPHERE*

… I… guess I just discovered a health or magic globe…?

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\017.jpg



The music is coming back now… or rather, there is music now, which I really like. Before that, there was only noise, which is what I take as a sign that we are getting more and more into the fantasy world of Brunhilda.

Hm, it seems rather that we have to find all the spheres in the area. And then Brunhilda throws her plushy over to another platformwhhyyy?

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\018.jpg

Why did you do that Brunhilda? What do you know that I don´t? Okay, I´ll trust her. She has more common sense than me, after all.

We collect all spheres and… our plushy turns into the fuzzy big monster form!

Clever girl, Brunhilda! Good girl!

And the monster beckons her to jump over to them.


Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\019.jpg


At this point I should probably mention that I´m 10 minutes into the game. I´m kinda sorry that I´m rambling that much, it´s just that stuff keeps happening, okay? Like, right now, for example, a gigantic purple-green spider just shoves into the screen out of nowhere.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\020.jpg

That´s a bit hard to omit, ya dig?

And so we have our first fight scene. I won´t go into detail concerning the fighting mechanics, since I think ya´ll are going to learn it when you play and if you don´t, well… then it´s useless knowledge to you. Let me just say that you can throw lightning at spiders and summon s hailstorm of marbles AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE GAME. I don´t know about you, but I like this.

… buuut I can´t help but wonder who that spider represents…? Are they killing a spider right now or an unfortunate person who in some way resembles a spider so Brunhildas mind warps them into an enemy she has no remorse fighting against…?

Naaaah, it´s probably nothing.

OOOH, I can look at their names now! The Brunhildas name is Cinammon and plushy´s name is Marbles! Nah, I´ll stick with Brunhilda though.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Unraveled\021.jpg

I won the fight with three of three stars rating (*whispers* I had no idea what I was doing) and I get to choose from these two upgrades. Hello, Fairy Godmother from Cinderella/ Sweet Lily Dreams! So… do these two stories take place in the same universe, ooorrr…?

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\022.jpg

The spider was an actual spider, which Marbles promptly squashes. Well then, one riddle solved.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\023.jpg

Marbles went ahead without us and once again beckons us to come to him. But this time we won´t be doing any dangerous jumps over bottomless pits! We will be doing dangerous climbing on steel bars instead!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\024.jpg

[Insert joke over Brunhilds inhuman strength here]

In a nearby chest we find “Mother´s Pendant”… hmmm, why did she leave it here though? We also find a jar of sunshine.
Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\025.jpg

Ah, both are things I can use to protect and heal! Marbles shows us a blue door and once again loses some marbles for us to search and find. Easy as Pie!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\d01.jpg

We go through the blue door.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\d02.jpg

… well, isn´t that just a calming sight O___O

Okay, dog, let´s insert something into your skull. If you insist. Ain´t nothing weird about that! (Or is that a halo?)

So… we can unlock furniture and thus activate bonuses! Nnneat, I´m a sucker for doll houses anyways.

… nevermind, I don´t have enough points yet to unlock anything.

Well then, onwards!


Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\026.jpg

… errr… do I want to go near that thing? Is that… is that a … it´s a dragonfly, isn´t it? Oh wait no, it´s a snakefly, my bad.

This time I only get one star for the fight :c aww. And most tragic of all: I took a wrong jump and now a chest is inaccessible to me. NnnnnnnoooOOOOOOOOH!

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\28.jpg

The workers, in the meantime, seem to be searching for Brunhilda. Making the game without many words is a smart move, by the way: You don´t have to translate much to make it accessible to non-English speakers and the more is left unsaid, the more the mind fills in the blanks.

We continue or journey and soon we meet the guy who saw us get on the shiii-

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\29.jpg


*Boy points at door*

*Brunhilda nods*

*Boy vanishes into thin air*


… huh. Apparently Brunhilda did a little more than break his kneecaps somewhere in the past!

(Unfunny) jokes aside: Maybe that was her dead brother? Maybe marbles belonged to him once?

One room further we reunite with Marbles, now again in plushy-form. Also the music stopped… seems like we´re closer to reality again. Or our world.


Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\30.jpg

We walk over to a ledge and see three people. Nice music starts playing, the three go through a door and vanish – sooo are they ghosts as well? Or is this what people look like in this game when they walk through a door? I didn´t pay enough attention.

Then a dude approaches us from behind, fight music starts playing and he tries to grab Brunhilda, who pushes him, but loses Marbles in the process, then the grid she´s standing on loses a pillar, collapses and she jumps to the other side.

The guy on the other side lifts his arms (probably going “what the hell, man?”) and gesticulates, but in the end he can´t do anything and at least decides to throw us our plushy. Brunhilda walks through the door…

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\32.jpg

… and we get treated to another really pretty picture ^^

As it turns out, dude followed us, he´s standing on a high platform which we just climbed down and waves, then pointing to the left.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\33.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\34.jpg

Naturally, we go to the right.

We are treated to another cutscene, where we see these people in the small boat, among them the boy, Marbles and the people we saw before. Brunhilde walks along the pier, waving, but they don´t look.

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\35.jpg

Aw :c Aw no, hun. Aw noooo.

Soon, the dude from before comes to get us, AND BRUNHILDA JUMPS INTO THE STREAM

Description: C:\Users\Maike\Pictures\Eigene Bilder\Private Projekte\Let´s Play\Unraveled\36.jpg

SWEET JESUS, GIRL! Were your parent´s extreme athletes? Did they not go to work but JUMP OUT OF A HELICOPTER OR CLIMB UP THE OFFICE BUILDINGS WITH SUCKER CUPS??? DID THEY WRESTLE DEERS FOR BREAKFAST? Have some self-preservation! I worry, okay?! I WORRY!

… aaand this is where I´ll stop.

I highly recommend playing the demo for yourself, since there´s quite a lot more gameplay in it than what I did here.

I hope you enjoyed me blabbering, since I did enjoy playing this and blabbering about it ^^


To be continued…