Day 11: “Why should we give you our money?”, you might ask us.

That’s a good question! Of course, you’re not simply giving us your money. We are returning the favor with giving you an abundance of goodies, extras and, above all, a copy or two of Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker’s Daughter! So really, you’re just pre-ordering a “Kickstarter exclusive fan package” of this fantastic game!

But who is to say we will finish the game, right?

Isn’t Kickstarter dangerous?

What actually happens to your money once we get funded?

Let me briefly tell you who we are and why you can trust us to bringing you the best possible game within our promised timeline.


We have two games published on Steam already (and four in total). These two games are 『Whisper of a Rose』 and 『Sweet Lily Dreams』. We have another game coming up as well: 『The Princess’ Heart』! We have a long track record of always finishing a project. Our first title, Whisper of a Rose, was created over the span of three years because we never give up. Of course, now our work schedule is a lot more professional and streamlined, so Unraveled will be finished on time (the end of this year) once we get funded.

Unraveled stays true to who we are as game developers. It has a message; a deeper meaning behind it, as do all our games. It is based on actual ship breaking yards in our “real world”, where workers and their families live poor lives. In Unraveled, we tell the story of one of these families through the eyes of a little girl. As she seeks out her lost family, her imagination turns the ghastly rotten shipyard into various beautiful backgrounds. Her quest becomes an exciting adventure, with her stuffed animal coming alive as her protective companion. It is a touching, bittersweet story where the hopes of an innocent girl must come to face the harsh truth of real life.

Fighting a Stone Sphinx in Whisper of a Rose.

Fighting a Stone Sphinx in Whisper of a Rose.

Aaron and Chancler (leading development of Unraveled) first worked together in 2008 on videogame Whisper of a Rose, where Chancler designed an end-game level called 『Sadrin’s Desert』.

Sadrin's Desert

Sadrin’s Desert

Due to Chancler’s busy schedule, their collaboration ended there until Chancler designed a level for Sweet Lily Dreams in 2011. It easily became one of the most detailed and beautiful areas in the game, showcasing Chancler’s excellent eye for detail and coherence. He can take the simplest of graphics and turn them into a magical backdrop.

The Swamps of Johns Island

The Swamps of Johns Island

After the release of Sweet Lily Dreams, Aaron and Chancler lost contact for a while. Aaron moved to London for his studies where he ran into some personal difficulties. Despite these, he managed to release two more games: 『The Princess’ Heart』 and 『Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals』. In the beginning of 2014, Aaron moved back to the Netherlands for rehabilitation. That spring he decided he wanted to create his most ambitious game yet and contacted Chancler for a collaboration. Chancler was excited about the idea and Team Unraveled was formed!

The first month after getting back together, Aaron and Chancler worked 24/7 on creating a tech build for Unraveled. It was temporarily released on online for feedback, after which they carefully went into the full production process. Unraveled has been in the making for a year now and is on Kickstarter to ask for your support! With your help, we can make the game come true. With exclusive enemies, additional content and a unique soundtrack by Secret of Mana’s composer Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North — you can help make it happen! Support us & pre-order on Kickstarter now!

Thank you!