Day 7: Q: How do I get my giveaway game? Answered here.

Last night the same question popped up in various sections of our Kickstarter: when and how do I get my giveaway game? You know, since our Update #3 we on KS, we are offering a 100 free copies of Labyrinthine Dreams. Allow me to explain.


From bottom to top, you can see people started increasing their pledge since Update #3. Everyone who is above Update #3 (including new backers, of course!) are eligible for the free copy of Labyrinthine Dreams.

To make sure only people who will follow through on their backing receive the game, we won’t be handing out the keys until after the Kickstarter is funded! So between the 1st and 3rd of June, you will be receiving your Steam key or download link to a DRM-free copy. We will send out a survey asking you which one you would prefer. 🙂

Note: As you can see, if you increase your pledge by a couple of $s, you can easily upgrade to the next reward tier! Ryan Graff did this and will now be receiving beta access to the game and the FULL original soundtrack, including all of Hiroki Kikuta and Dale North’s music! Awesome!! Thank you, Ryan!


We’re so close to reaching 5k! We need your help! Please like us on Facebook, tell someone you know about the campaign or back us. 🙂 Thank you!