Day 5: Unraveled’s Story Explained! 100 Games Giveaway! Let’s Reach 5k Together!

Hey everyone!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! Unraveled as gone from $0 to just over $4,000 in 6 days! That so awesome! Aaron and I are so proud of all your support getting us this far! We’ve seen a little bit of a slow down in backers; that’s pretty normal for the middle of the week.

100 Games Giveaway!

Since it’s Friday we wanted to do something extra special to help spread the world of Unraveled! With fantastic support from Solest Games, we are offering 100 copies of Solest Games’ Labyrinthine Dreams for FREE!

  • If you are already a Backer: simply increase your pledge by ANY amount, even just $1!
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The next 100 Backers to do this will receive this beautiful puzzle game! With your help we can cross the 5k mark by tomorrow! Let’s make it happen–!!!

Click to watch the trailer! Labyrinthine Dreams is a short puzzle game about overcoming the scars of the past and following the right path, even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

Click to watch the trailer! Labyrinthine Dreams is a short puzzle game about overcoming the scars of the past and following the right path, even in the face of overwhelming challenges.

We wanted to share with you a little more about Unraveled and its story.

We at RosePortal Games select real-world subjects and weave them into our characters as well as settings so they’re relatable. Unraveled’s subject matter is unlike any other Aaron and I have addressed provided it is difficult to adequately understand what it is to be a shipbreaker. We set out to bring fantasy to the real world, not bring the real world into fantasy. Unraveled addresses a human rights issue and the game focuses on that. Our objective is to further conversation about shipbreaking, even though human rights lack the panache of less pressing matters.

I was introduced to the topic of shipbreaking approximately two years ago while reading about the decommissioning process of seagoing vessels. I was under the impression that cruise ships, cargo ships, and the like operated until no one wanted them or simply became outdated. I imagined earth, by means of oxidation, undoing what humans have built. It is a beautiful process. The reality is these ships are serviceable for only 35 years due to the high cost of repairs and maintenance. No longer suitable for operation, ships are sold to shipbreaking yards to be stripped of their valuable metals.

I thought the process would be comparable to that of my local recycling company. My imaginings, unfortunately, couldn’t have been more untrue. Each massive vessel, some of which weigh in excess of tens of thousands of tons and tower 100 to 150+ feet, are sold to companies whose collective revenue exceeds billions of dollars per year. Those employed by shipbreaking companies, many of them children, are poor, uneducated people. Not only are these people exposed to toxins, including asbestos which is linked to increasing one’s risk of cancer, their compensation of only $0.50 per hour and working 12 hour days communicates how little value their employers place upon each of their lives.

Common threats presented by shipbreaking yards include minimal to nonexistent safety training, contaminated drinking water, severe burns, dismemberment, and death. As if the severity and frequency of these threats weren’t enough, wages fail to result in a wage that is able to support the individual, much less a family. Approximately half of a worker’s wages is spent on food and shelter, which mirror work conditions. In place of a neighborhood sits slums and shanty towns, often made from the very sheets of metal taken from the ships they’re scrapping.

Shipbreaking doesn’t receive attention because it’s about poor people, often in a distant land. Injuries, including severe burns and dismemberment, and even death occur each day. Although each injury and death is easily preventable, Unraveled exists because both continue to happen today.

A normal afternoon while father is away.

A normal afternoon while father is away.

Unraveled’s only in-game text consists of a single line. You’re given the opportunity to create your own feelings, thus your own story. Unraveled unfolds as you play the role of the daughter of a ship breaker who doesn’t return home after work. The little girl, who is unnamed, is equally intelligent as she is independent. Recent tragic events have left the father and daughter without the girl’s loving mother and younger playful brother. She must set out to search for the father whom she misses very much. He’s the only person she has left. The girl’s sole possession, her younger brother’s blue plush monster, is her sole companion. As she experiences the dangers presented by the ship, she subdues her fears with her imagination. Her mind, teeming with thoughts of family, empowers her to traverse the perilous vessel. With a trusty blue monster by her side, she never feels alone.

Here are some great videos to check out if you’d like to learn more about ship breaking (I know you do!)

The Wire Nest by Prathamesh Rane – One of the first documentaries we came across. It became a huge influence in the shaping of Unraveled’s world.

The Ship Breakers of Bangladesh by VICE INTL – Short and very informative & very recent!

 SHIP BREAKERS by Tim Noonan – A very close and shocking look at the dangers people face.