As we draw closer to our launch date for Unraveled’s Kickstarter, we have some exciting new artwork to unveil! We are having these made to promote the game and show off our concepts. Plus, they’ll all be added to the game’s art book we are working on! You’ll be able to get a digital or hardcover copy when the Kickstarter launches in February. The exact date is still being determined.

Here is an image of Cinnamon looking out over the shipyard, by artist Stanley Vue:


The giant ship in the background is where most of the game takes place. We wanted it to look like a character — a wounded creature. Originally the image was at sunset and then at midnight, so we adjusted the lighting to make it more appropriate for in-game use. All three versions (the sunset one is radically different) will be shown later on during the Kickstarter campaign.

Below is an image by Chris McColgan. Or rather, they are two images. He’s a fantastic ink painter who has done these two images completely by hand:


The blue one shows what the inside of the ship really looks like. The green version is how the little girl perceives it, and how we — as player — will view it in the game. The effect is beautiful and very inspiring. You can expect to find an area in the game that looks exactly like that, with a giant flower-tree in the center!

Chris has done several other high-quality images. You can see a little preview here in the first draft of the art book (digital version):


And yes, that is one of the reward levels that will be in the Kickstarter! Backers who pledge $15 or up will receive a nicely polished PDF of the art book. The contents will slightly vary from the physical version, because with a PDF we are able to make everything a bit bigger.

That’s it for this update. Stay tuned for more news very soon! Happy late New Year!