We are RosePortal Games — a tiny group of individuals who has been releasing indie games since 2008. We currently already have two games on Steam (Whisper of a Rose and Sweet Lily Dreams) and have released 4 indie games in total. RosePortal Games was founded by Aaron van der Brugge, who produced Whisper of a Rose mostly entirely by himself.

We love to work with elements of human nature and the real world that are barely covered in commercial games. For example: alcoholism, homosexuality, domestic violence, addiction — we take such sensitive material and subtly create a relatable story around it. That way our games are still fun and exciting, but have a certain depth and uniqueness to them that you cannot find in mainstream media.

Now — to introduce our most important team members:

Aaron van der Brugge is the main artist for Unraveled.

“I’ve been making games since I was around 10 years old (as my uncle recently pointed out to my surprise). I’m so passionate about game production because I have a strong sense of atmosphere and emotional intelligence. With games I’m able to create a unique world through which the player communicates. It’s an amazing platform! If I can touch just one person’s heart, I’ll be a happy developer! I love cats, traveling and music (Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Dido, Avril Lavigne, Ayumi Hamasaki, Loreena McKennitt, etc.). I find it hard to call any place in this world my home, but Taiwan comes closest.”

Chancler Harrison is the co-producer of Unraveled.

“Learning about the world is very important to me. I believe growing from the life stories people have shared with me fuel my imagination. My husband is my greatest hero and supporter even if he doesn’t understand my ideas (he’s good at nodding!). I fear spiders and auto-tune makes me feel very uncomfortable. Dinosaurs and sloths are awesome.”

Hiroki Kikuta

An absolutely fantastic composer and arranger has writing the main theme song for Unraveled. We feel very flattered that this extremely talented individual has given our game his blessing. Kikuta-san has composed for Secret of Mana, Soul Calibur V and Shining Hearts among others and is providing us with some with beautiful melodies and emotional arrangements that are perfect for Unraveled.

Dale North

The infinite pool of musical talent and lover of all that is Corgi, Dale will be composing a full-length score for Unraveled! His beautiful music will bring Unraveled to the next level. He has composed for Silent Horror, Dragon Fantasy Book II and is an online celebrity who has contributed to OverClocked ReMix.


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You might be required to enter a CAPTCHA to read the interview.